James Von Debrow IIIJames Von Debrow III is a United States Army Federal Veteran from the Viet-Nam era, and member of the legendary 2nd Infantry Division and awarded the Army’s Expeditionary Medal and National Defense Medal. James is currently the Captain, Company Commander, Alpha Company 1st BN, 2nd Regt, to the Texas Military Department-State Guard and received the Commanding General’s Individual Award; State of Texas Adjutant General’s Individual Award: Distinguished Meritorious Achievement and Outstanding Service Award (First Award); State of Texas Adjutant General’s Individual Award: Distinguished Meritorious Achievement and Outstanding Service Award (Second Award); and State of Texas Medal of Merit: Outstanding Service Award from the Texas Military Department (TMF).


James is an active academician and independent researcher in the following areas of study: Science of Management; Criminal Justice; Psychology; and Forensic Psychology. Other research areas are Clinical and Forensic Investigative Hypnosis. As he traveled through the vicissitude of his career he attended the following colleges and universities: Metropolitan Community College of Los Angeles; St. Philip’s College; San Antonio College; Austin Community College; Hill College; Tarleton State University; University of Virginia; Colorado Technical University; Texas State University and graduated from four of them and some multiple times. James believes in educating the mind personally and academically.


Texas DPSJames is a Senior Law Enforcement Executive graduating from three law enforcement academies over a span of his career: Texas Department of Public Safety-State Trooper School, 88th Session-Retired; Texas Alcoholic Beverage Commission-New Agent’s School; and the United States Department of Justice, Federal Bureau of Investigation National Academy-200th Session. He worked in the Criminal and Traffic Law Enforcement Divisions over 34 years, ending his career attaining the rank of Colonel and title of Chief of Police. James battled public, police corruption and unethical police misconduct issues and never acquiesced to public or political pressures.


James received his academic and law enforcement education from the University of Virginia in professional partnership with the Federal Bureau of Investigation National Academy in: Investigative Psychology; Forensic Science; Interview and Interrogation; Psycho-linguistics; Criminal Investigative Analysis (Criminal-Profiling); Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP); Law Enforcement Fitness and Wellness; and Management Science in Executive Leadership.


Hanshi James Von Debrow III, Kudan has several Yudansha’s in Karate-Do (Budo) and he created his own marital arts belt system as part of his Grandmaster testing under three grand masters called Kondo Jabari Gamba: Kondo (Kon-dah) meaning war; Jabari (Jah-bah-ree) meaning bravery; and Gamba (Gam-bah) meaning warrior. The symbol of Kondo Jabari Gamba is the African Lion. James started his formal boxing and formal martial arts training at the age of six years old.


  • James is a 10th Degree Black Belt Judan, Promoted on December 4, 2010 in San Antonio, Texas, by Chief Examiner and Chief Instructor, Grand Master Alvin Francis, 10th Degree Black Belt, Texas Martial Arts Hall of Fame, Director of the Al Francis Karate Organization (AFKO); Mr. Mark Calo-oy, President of the South Texas Amateur Boxing Association; Mr. Mike Rios, Boxing Inspector, State of Texas; Mr. Raymond McCallum, Former #1 Point Fighter in the United States 9th Degree Black Belt; Joe Alvarado 10th Degree Black Belt, Texas Martial Arts Hall of Fame and Texas Legends and all signed his last Martial Arts Degree.

Past/Present Academic and Law Enforcement Adjunct Faculty Appointments, Memberships and Associations

  1. Alamo Area Law Enforcement Academy
  2. Texas Department of Public Safety-State Trooper Academy
  3. Texas Alcoholic Beverage Commission-Training Academy
  4. Hill College and Hill College Law Enforcement Academy
  5. Del Rio Police Academy Law Enforcement Training Academy
  6. Sul Ross University in Del Rio
  7. Texas Community College Teachers Association
  8. American Association of University Professors
  9. Texas Association of Investigative Hypnosis-Past President and Director-at-Large
  10. American Council of Hypnotist Examiners-Clinical Hypnotherapist; Approved Hypnosis Instructor; and Designated Examiner